DUN Slim


Our most innovative wallet yet – the DUN Slim – is the result of a two-year design journey. Hidden magnets in the edge snap the Slim cardholder in place to create the most versatile wallet out there.. The beautiful durable calf leather is at the center of the Slim’s minimalist design. Two quick-access card pockets and the magnetic squeeze pocket house up to eight cards while the cash pocket holds up to ten bills unfolded. The Slim cardholder’s hidden pocket has room for another pair of cards and some emergency cash. Perfectly slimmed down for a night out.


Modular Slim wallet

It took two years to complete, the DUN Slim wallet! Accessoires – like the included Slim cardholder – snap into place magnetically. The biggest challenge creating the DUN Slim was keeping the iconic thin profile that DUN is known for. We achieved the same thickness by placing tiny magnets to the outer edge of the wallet; Making sure that the cards don’t stack on top of them. This extreme focus on functionality resulted in a unique minimalist design.

Magnetic pocket

The DUN Slim’s magnetic pocket works as a double-edged sword: A minimalist card pocket for up to 4 cards that opens with a subtle squeeze; And the point for the cardholder to snap into place with magnets that align perfectly. The magnetic pocket is also great to slip in the occasional business card or receipt without having to open your Slim wallet.

DUN slim wallet squeeze pocket
SLIM wallet cash pocket


DUN Slim was designed with modularity mind: Being able to adjust to your needs and making it future proof. The included DUN Slim cardholder is the first accessory to magnetically connect to the Slim wallet. We’d love to discover what else you can come up with: key organizers, ID-tags – you name it and we will try making it. Together we make the DUN Slim even better.


DUN Slim cardholder

The included DUN Slim cardholder is made to hold just your essential cards so that you can slim down even more. It easily fits inside a shirt pocket for a quick run to the store or a night out. Need to carry more? Simply snap the cardholder inside the DUN Slim wallet and have all your cards and cash in one place.

Hidden pocket

With space for up to three cards and a bill or ticket; The Slim cardholder gets most out of its compact size. The hidden pocket on the backside makes for an extra sleek look. This magnetic pocket provides easy access so it’s the perfect place to store the occasional parking ticket or business card.

DUN SLIM card holder

Diamond Black, Matte Black

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