We greatly value your privacy. That is why we treat all personal information with great care. We conform ourselves to all laws regarding personal data. All personal data are being saved and processed with regards to the principles of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).
We have taken several measures to protect your privacy. We use your data exclusively for processing your order. On request you can have access to your personal data stored by us and have them changed.

Your information is safe with us
We will not sell or pass your personal data to any third parties. Excluded are companies that enable us to carry out our orders and who need certain information for the settlement of the order (such as the agent who performs the delivery). In these cases, only the minimum necessary information is provided.
Your data is stored on secure servers. Authorized staff from DUN wallets are the only people who have access to the personal data and have a duty of confidentiality with regards to these personal data.

Secured connection and Cookies
When placing an order, your information is encrypted and send through a secured connection to the external payment page. You can recognize the is secured by the lock symbol at the bottom right in the browser, or the text “https://” at the beginning of the address bar. We offer you maximum security so that fraud or theft of data is excluded.
In the online shop of DUN wallets we use cookies to store your customer information. During your visit to our shop this information is used for quick recall. Thanks to the cookies you do not have to fill in this information repeatedly.

What information do we collect?
If you place an order with us, we need various information to process your order. These data are checked for accuracy by us in various ways.
General Information: This is the data such as name, address and city, which you filled out on the online order form. This information is used to verify and process your order.
Your email address: We use your email address to send you an order confirmation and to inform you when your order is ready for shipment.
Traffic Data: Every time you visit our website we store traffic data. This includes the number of pages visited or what items were ordered. This information is not personal and are only used to improve the usability of our website.

What do we use this information for?
The purpose of processing your personal information is:
the processing of your order.
delivery at the delivery address you specifed.
The purpose of processing traffic data is to promote the usability of the website.

Information request
You can always contact us to get access to your personal information and have it corrected or removed.

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